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Our goal is to aim higher, see more, and feel deeply. That's why, when crafting communication, we prioritize messages that address ESG challenges and evoke emotions. By partnering with Q&A Comms, you will gain a competent companion who will introduce your brand to the world of marketing success.

We will prepare consistent and unexpected 360° campaigns for your brand, taking care of its image and creating an appealing message on social media. We will tell a story that surprises and grabs attention. You can be confident that our actions will be based on thorough research, studies, and strategic workshops. Our creative ideas will be built on real insights, and we will anticipate the next steps with appropriate foresight.

We will help you find the perfect name for your product or service, create a visual identity, and provide everything else you need for outstanding communication, such as a video spot, custom photoshoot, informative content, or an event.

With over twenty years of experience in public relations, we guarantee your brand an effective response to crises and a conscious way of building its image across all available media channels.

We believe that through the synergy of experience, competence, and imagination, together with you, we will build a reality where ESG is not just an idea but a way of life.

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We help change the world for the better

We are an agency that not only deals with communication but, above all, with action. We place great importance on ESG matters and do not limit ourselves to what brings us financial gain. The most valuable thing we can do is priceless.

That's why we help people and the planet by collaborating with the Wayair Foundation, which built a school for children in Ulyankulu, Tanzania, in 2023. You can learn more about the foundation and its mission right here.


We care about a good climate not only at work

At Q&A Comms, we have a team of 35 specialists. We have been inspiring, creating, and taking action for over 20 years. We take care of communication, advertising, and public relations for both Polish and international brands. We value a good plan and have the ability to implement it effectively, as demonstrated by our own well-thought-out structure. 

Q&A Comms operates through five interconnected lines: Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Strategy and Creative Department. Meet the individuals responsible for leading them.


Przemysław Wojak

Managing Partner


Aneta Sadowska-Wojak

Managing Partner


Aleksandra Piesiak

Head of Marketing


Jakub Olachowski

Head of Strategic Development


Dorota Janta-Lipińska

Creative Director


Przemysław Duszczak

Lead of PR


Paula Duszyńska

Lead of Social Media


Bartosz Podborowski

Design & Content Senior Art Director

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