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Clean air should be a right, not a luxury. What can be done to ensure that the local community breathes... with pure pleasure?



At SFERA Shopping Mall, the first Oxygen lounge in Poland has been opened. It is a unique place where you can breathe clean air thanks to carefully selected plants with filtering properties.

The idea for the Oxygen lounge was conceived by the ARKA Ecological Foundation, while the plant selection and interior design were handled by SofiFlora florist. As an agency, we were responsible for the communication of the entire project's opening.


Press conference on Clean Air Day with a significant presence of journalists and mall management

Publications in major local media outlets (, Gazeta Wyborcza, Dziennik Zachodni, Nasze Miasto)

Drawing media and audience attention to the issue of air pollution in the region

A professional air quality measurement was conducted in the Oxygen lounge, confirming high air quality - category IDA 1 (according to room classification based on CO2 levels according to PN-EN 13779:2008 standard)

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